A Modern Multimedia Framework

Built using the latest version of C++, DirectX 11 and HLSL.

Features 7 distinct components, totalling over 20000 lines of code:
1. Optimized and clean math library.
2. Core and utilities - states, random number generators, collision detection, and multiple interfaces.
3. Input component - input manager and clean input classes for common PC peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, and gamepad.
4. Content component - optimized to use the external memory as less as possible, in order to speed up loading times, all while not creating any memory leaks.
5. Audio component - classes for 2D and 3D sounds.
6. Graphics component - classes for models, cameras, and all the HLSL shaders required for all the complex effects offered by the framework: PBR, HDR, advanced Anti-Aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, modern shadow mapping techniques, deferred lighting and shading, etc.
7. Lua component - bridge between C++ and Lua, featuring easy-to-use classes for AI programming.